The Garden Gnome

The Garden Gnome is not just another backyard figurine. It has it’s own prominent history, culture and controversy attached to it. Prior you opt to purchase a Garden Gnome for your home be sure to understand all the aspects that support it.

Garden Gnome

For beginners the history of the Garden Gnome dates back to Germany in the 1800’s. The initial statues were constructed out of clay and were hand crafted. They then made their journey to England in the mid 1800s. Around the late 1800’s to the 1900’s they made their way into America. During WWII production of these figurines were brought to an abrupt stop. The German factories were commandeered and transformed to support the war efforts. In 1960’s the gnomes got popularity again nevertheless, they were mass-produced utilising plastic. Due to the fact that a lot of them were produced they acquired the stigma for being a tacky yard ornament. The clay hand sculpted Garden Gnomes have actually been family heirlooms for lots of households. The Clay figurines are making a returned of sorts, more business are restoring the old custom.

Any Garden Gnome enthusiast will tell you that Garden Gnomes are very good luck to have in your garden. They are mostly vegetarians, joyful little people who enjoy having fun and helping out with things. It is believed that having one in your garden will be helpful in the day-to-day activities that are necessary to proper garden management. It is believed that they have an excellent ability to be able to review history and an even better viewpoint on the future.

Not all people have such a jovial understanding of the Garden Gnome. There are some that disagree with making use of the Garden Gnome. They believe that to have a Garden Gnome in the home is slavery and that the Garden Gnome should be freed. There are groups that will take a Garden Gnome from a yard if they see it. Relocating it to the forest where they believe they find their freedom. A few of the groups decide to operate under the radar, slipping into people’s backyards and taking these figurines. There is a political group that actively lobbies for the ban of Garden Gnome slavery.

Whether you are a follower of the Garden Gnome culture or just someone who thinks they are cut enough to go in your yard these figurines have a lot of history behind them and can be a wonderful addition to your yard. Just be sure to keep them away from the gnome liberators if you want to keep them for an extended period of time.

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